Youth Initiative and Partner in education

Spiegelbild was founded in the year 2006. It is part of the Active Museum for German-Jewish History in Wiesbaden and provides Youth Work. A “Spiegelbild” is the image you see when you look into a mirror. Spiegelbild offers ways and facilitate means for young people to take part in “Facing History and Ourselves”. (read more…)

1. April Wiesbaden Antisemitismus Boykott Israel

Hendrik and Cora from Spiegelbild are visiting the American Middle School Wiesbaden on Thursday 22nd of May.
They talk to four classes who are soon going to have a walking tour around Wiesbaden. The topic will be „Remembering the Wiesbaden Jews“. The Groups have a well-prepared Booklet provided by their teachers and will explore History in Wiesbaden by themselves. (read more…)

Spiegelbild offers a preparation program for german-israeli youth exchanges together with Fridtjof-Nansen Akademie. In two days groups can learn about history and politics of Israel and discuss their personal preparation on meeting Israelis and travelling to the country.
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we are proud to present:


the German-Israeli youth exchange program between Neve Hanna (Israel) and Heinrich von Kleistschule (Germany). Spiegelbild is organizing the Encounter together with the Partners. We are continuing the program that Wiesbaden City (Jugendamt) started years ago. Since January 2015 Spiegelbild is responsible for the german part of the program. (read more…)