about Spiegelbild

Youth Initiative and Partner in education

Spiegelbild was founded in the year 2006. It is part of the Active Museum for German-Jewish History in Wiesbaden and provides Youth Work. A “Spiegelbild” is the image you see when you look into a mirror. Spiegelbild offers ways and facilitate means for young people to take part in “Facing History and Ourselves”.
Spiegelbild provides space and support to encounter history and to understand its contemporary significance. The offered projects intend that learning about the past can empower young people for active initiatives in contemporary society. The educational proposals include small workshops for groups such as school classes, larger projects which create various opportunities to encounter history and cultural activities.

A good example of the work and the concept of the youth initiative is “Youth History Day”, a project offered to schools. Teenagers work on local history in Workshops they select. The content of the Workshops is not restricted to historical facts; it also focuses on how we want to live together today. The Workshops often address issues such as prejudices, Racism, Anti-Semitism and Neo-Nazism.

Spiegelbild employs two Youth Workers, who are responsible for conceptualizing the projects to reach school children and students from all walks of life.

Because Spiegelbild is not a youth club by itself, it strives for cooperation with the formal (schools) and non-formal sector of youth education. Spiegelbild’s youth workers therefore create Cooperation with social workers, instructors, and educators working in various fields of youth education, who relate their activities to the work of the Active Museum. Thus a network is created that puts Remembrance and German-Jewish History as well as Tolerance, Migration, Anti-Racism and Democracy on the public agenda.

We support international Youth Exchanges through Workshops, Preparation Programs and Cooperation with those who provide Exchange Programs.